As stipulated in the DepEd Order No. 14, s. 2021 or the "INTERIM GUIDELINES ON THE PREPARATION, SUBMISSION, AND CHECKING OF SCHOOL FORMS FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR 2O2O-2O21", here are the school forms to prepare and submit by each class adviser for EOSY 2020-2021.

Preparation and Submission of School Forms for SY 2020-2021

i) School Form 1 (SF1) School Registry
Additional data elements for Learning Modality shall be added in the existing SF1. The learning modality shall be updated whenever the learner shifts from one learning modality to another. At the end of each quarter, the updated modality shall be generated through the Learner Information System (LIS) as an official quarterly enrollment count per modality. The age to be recorded in the form is the learner's age by October 31, 2O2O.

ii) School Form 2 (SF2) Daily Attendance
Given the temporary suspension of face-to-face learning and with the implementation of different learning modalities, teachers/ advisers may choose an applicable Learner Attendance Conversion Tool (LACT) (attached herewith as Annex 2) that can be considered in checking the learner's attendance. The chosen norm of attendance checking should be explained to parents/learners for awareness and transparency.

The SF2 that are already prepared by teachers for the first two quarters should be adopted without any further modification. Hence, the adoption of the LACT is only applicable and should only be used for the third and fourth quarters of SY 2O2O-2O21.

Similarly, in the adoption of any LACT for the third and fourth quarters of SY 2O2O-2O21, teachers are highly encouraged to exercise due consideration and to reach out to learners. A learner can only be considered a drop-out or no longer participating in learning activities (NLPA) if he/she and his/her parent voluntarily withdraw from schooling or if he/ she incurs absences of more than 2O% of the prescribed number of class or laboratory periods during the school year or semester as per DO No. 8, s. 2O15. This is equivalent to seven weeks of non-attendance in his/her online classes and/or non-submission of modules/activity sheets without any communication/contact efforts being made by the learner or parent/guardian with the teacher.

Note that contact/communication efforts may vary depending on the distance learning modality and may include but are not limited to electronic/digital communication, using of designated drop/pick up kiosk /middleman for printed modules, phone calls, text messaging, handheld CB radio, letter correspondence or attending classes/meetings, and/or physical interactions between parent/guardian and adviser within the parameters of the existing local/national health safety protocols of IATF for COVID-19.

Reporting cut-off date for enrollment count is as of October 9, 2O20.

iii) School Form 3 (SF3) Books Issued and Returned
If the school is releasing books and other learning materials to learners, SF3 may be used. This form can also be utilized to record the distribution and retrieval of Learning Modules. In using SF3 for the recording and monitoring of modules, the title of the book shall be replaced with an appropriate reference code or with the title of the module being issued or distributed.

iv) School Form 4 (SF4) Monthly Report of Learner Movement and Attendance
This form is the consolidated report of School Form 2. The adjustments are as follows:

(a) Instead of a monthly submission to the District/ Division Office, School Form 4 shall only be submitted quarterly.

(b) Replace the Column for Dropout with No Longer Participating in Learning Activities (NLPA). NLPA is a status of learners whose parent/guardian or even the learner has failed to communicate or has not made any efforts to contact the class adviser for at least seven consecutive weeks. This status is also appropriate for learners who have expressed a desire to stop participation in any learning activity. If the learner is expressing a desire to continue participating in learning activities after seven consecutive weeks of non-participation, the school head may assess the situation and decide for the best interest of the learner.

(c) Additional data fields for Mortality/Death

v) School Form (SF8) Basic Health and Nutrition Profile
Parents or guardians may administer the actual measuring of weight and height (Body Mass Index) and submit a reading result to the class adviser. For parents or guardians who have limited resources or ability to make the actual measurement, they may seek the assistance of a barangay health worker and/or other health professionals. The reading result may be reported to the class adviser for encoding in LIS. Updating of SFS through the LIS facility is highly encouraged for elementar5z grade levels but not mandatory except for the learn recipient of any program promoting health and nutrition. JHS and SHS are not required to accomplish SF8 and update BMI in LIS.

vi) School Form (SF9) Progress Report
Instruction and guidelines related to assessment and computation of grades are available in DO No.31, s. 2020. The following may also be considered in the preparation of SF9:

(a) Indicate at the bottom part of each column the learning modality being adopted in each quarter. Please refer to the sample illustration in Annex 1.

(b) The character traits and core values portions of SF9 are not required to be accomplished.

vii) School Form 10 (SFI0) Permanent Record
SF10 shall be prepared at the end of the school year. The Department shall also issue further instructions in accomplishing the said form. Nevertheless, for Grades 5 and 6 who are still using Form 137, instructions for SF9 character traits and core values shall be applied.

DOWNLOAD - DepEd Order No. 14, s. 2021

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