READING FLASHCARDS for KG - Grade 1 to Grade 6 (Free Download)

Download for FREE these sets of READING FLASHCARDS for Kindergarten, Grade 1 to Grade 6 learners.  Simply click on the DOWNLOAD link to get your FREE and DIRECT copy. There are also other downloadable materials below which we think will be very helpful to your kids.
Reading skills are the skills acquired through reading, such as comprehension, fluency, and independence. These skills give people the ability to give clear meaning to the turn words on a page. These skills are important because we read something in some form every day. It is an integral part of modern life. - Chuck A Arize 
Conducting reading drills to your students can be very simple yet proven to be very effective. Students with regular reading routines may develop their reading skills faster than those who haven't. It gives them the momentum that is imperative for reading without pressure.

Teachers are then tasked to provide their students with meaningful and effective reading materials that are not intimidating but encouraging. We are fortunate that our community of educators is always willing to lend out their support toward the success of our common goals.

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Kindergarten Flashcards

GRADE 1 Flashcards

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GRADE 5 Flashcards

GRADE 6 Flashcards

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Spelling Words (Grade 1-6)
Basic Sight Words (Grade 1-6)
Vocabulary Word List (Grade 1-6)
Developing Reading Power (Grade 1-6)
Reading Comprehension Worksheets (Grade 1-6)
Remedial Reading Materials (English, Filipino)
POEMS (Grade 1-6)
Math Addition Worksheets (KG, Grade 1-6)
Math Subtraction Worksheets (KG, Grade 1-6)
Math Multiplication Worksheets (KG, Grade 1-6)
Math Division Worksheets (Grade 1 – 6)
Fraction Worksheets (Grade 1 – 6)
Workbooks on English (Grade 1 – 6)
Workbooks on Science (Grade 1 – 6)
Workbooks on Mathematics (Grade 1 – 6)
English Grammar Practice Books (Grade 1 – 6)

DISCLAIMER: We do not claim ownership over these posted materials. We only share it for educational purposes and to help our fellow teachers in their teaching journey. Please do contact us if you are the rightful owner of these files for proper recognition or should you seek to remove it from this site. 

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